When you consider his mobile app development expertise, web marketing nous and advanced knowledge of social network and team building, it’s safe to say James Corbett is a marketing pro who knows the digital landscape from the ground up. Add a passion for contacting and bringing people together and you have a unique account representative that brings a variety of important contemporary skillsets to any project.

James will be helping SMS reach out to clients and prospects throughout our core high-tech, industrial and manufacturing marketplaces and beyond. He’ll assist in strategizing the most cost-effective approaches to building brand recognition, increasing market share through SEO optimization programs and content creation, and advising on every aspect of a project, from creative to content to implementation.

Corbett is also the founder and driving force behind Project Refit, a non-profit video chat platform that connects military veterans in an effort spread awareness about PTSD and provide communal support.

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One thought on “James Corbett Joins SMS Rep Team”

  1. Best of luck and welcome to SMS group of talented professionals. We work with Rod Fisher and Marcus Coia at SMS. Magnatrol is looking forward to utilizing your knowledge and skills.

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