Why are you located in rural southern New Jersey?
SMS began in the home of founder Robert W. Norton and remained there for the low-overhead benefits that kept services affordable. Over the years, more office and art room space was added and the purchase of another home at the rear of the grounds became the SMS Studios. We also find that clients enjoy visiting our scenic, rural facilities that are close enough to Philadelphia and the Jersey shore but far enough from the hustle and bustle. There's even an award-winning winery across the street!

If I have a great marketing person who does everything, why should I talk to you?
We work well with small or single-person marketing departments as we find they rarely have the time to juggle all of their responsibilities efficiently, particularly during periods of change and growth. We're also really good at keeping things moving forward when client personnel are traveling and otherwise occupied. SMS is happy to provide as little or as much help as needed, and usually build flexible relationships that allow companies to reach and even extend their goals.

Do you only work with B2B companies?
We've worked with all kinds of companies, from B2C entrepreneurs to international B2B conglomerates. Our structure allows us to customize our services to fit any sized company in most business markets, and drawing on our B2B experience helps us understand all phases of the products and services cycle – from engineering and OEM, to distributor and retail sales.

If I already have a website I like but want more traffic, can you help without re-doing everything?
Absolutely. Most websites can improve their traffic significantly with a basic SEO overhaul, targeting coding practices that agree with Google algorithms and optimizing homepage elements to boost both traffic and conversions.

If I live far away from your offices can I still be a client?
We've served clients as close as across the street and as far away as Japan. Most of our client list hails from the Delaware Valley (Greater Philadelphia) and the tri-state area (New Jersey, New York and Connecticut).

Does the fact that you don’t post a full price list mean your services are expensive?
Our prices vary depending on a variety of circumstances. We do offer flat-rates on certain services and our bundles are specifically priced, but suffice it to say that we're affordable and competitive. Most importantly, we customize your services so that you only pay for what you need, and most of that cost winds up in the marketplace where it can work for you.

How much does a video cost?
Most corporate videos fall in the range of $1,500 to $5,000, depending on your needs. Some can cost as little as $500, others as much as $50,000. Our extensive experience means we know how to manage production costs without cutting corners, regardless of the size of the project.

Can you build an e-commerce site for my company?
Yes, we can. We can work with whatever platform is required and have coordinated shopping cart services with a number of payment providers.

I see that you create printed catalogs. Aren’t they obsolete?
Printed catalogs have certainly shrunk in size, with many directed at specific markets or customers bases. Despite their new size and scope, for some companies they remain in high demand.

How can you create content for my company’s website if you don’t work in our industry?
Believe it or not, most industries overlap in products and services and the way they do business. Having read and written thousands of words of copy and been in hundreds of in-depth discussions with engineers, product line managers, CEOs and corporate sales teams one gets a feel for the language and cultural nuances of almost any market. Combined with hours of research into their competition and studying the various trades, content generation starts to become second nature. A genuine interest in a large variety of subject matter doesn't hurt.

Do you make websites for mobile devices?
Our UXP (User Experience Platforms) are customized for each client individually, but in general our website designs are responsive and take into account interaction with mobile device users.

If I have a question about something related to marketing, can I give you a call?
Of course! Our staff works closely together on most projects so information is continuously shared. If someone happens to be out that can best address your interests, we'll make sure they respond to you asap.

Does scheduling a video shoot mean I have to shut down production for the day?
Not usually, and never for an entire process. The many years of experience we have in capturing footage of plant floors and office spaces means we bring a small crew and get the shot in one or two takes. That also means low costs for everyone, and even minimally-prepped shoots tend to generate tons of usable content. SMS videos concentrate on script messaging and a flexibility to use the footage in a number of ways for a number of future projects, giving the client the most for their time and money. Large, glamorous productions with complicated storyboards, sizable crews and ultra-sophisticated camera rigs are extremely uncommon as they can get very expensive, and rarely pay for themselves in terms of lead generation or SEO.

Can I rent time in your editing suite?
Our suite is available to rent for projects big and small. We'll also have an editor work with you and make sure the project gets done to your specifications. Contact us for current rates and availability.

Do you accept progressive payments?
We frequently develop interest-free payment plans with clients so that they can become competitive in their marketplace as quickly as possible.

Can I use other vendors at the same time that I use your services?
We're happy to coordinate any shared activities with however many are involved in your marketing programs. Working with other professionals helps us learn about new techniques and tools, and those relationships are important to us, as well.

Sometimes I only know what I’m looking for after I’ve seen a few examples – is that okay?
We can work up quick looks and samples for you at no cost to get things rolling. Sometimes, we'll send you a survey that asks the kinds of questions that quickly puts everyone on the same page.

Isn’t it better to hire a company that specializes in a single marketing discipline?
The short answer is "no". Highly specialized companies tend to overload their services to increase their profits rather than yours. We understand the difficulty in learning how to effective use the myriad of tools at a marketer's disposal, but the closer a company's various projects can develop, the better chance they'll have of working together and staying on budget. And while few companies can be top experts in all fields, it's still best to hire one with experience in directing a number of disciplines and vendors at once.

Do I own everything you produce for me?
Yes, you do. We store your materials for free and only charge to deliver them if doing so requires a special process of some kind such as sorting items based on a specific request, or deconstructing a number of files to their original components.

Do you charge for brainstorming or market research?
Heck, no! We believe that knowing your business is an essential facet of contributing to your marketing efforts, and allowing us to work with you to develop ideas and strategies is where we get to shine. Some folks think that brainstorming for free is "giving away the farm", and I guess that's a risk. Simply put, we haven't really had the experience of impressing prospects with our structure and experience only to have them run to someone else.

I want the ability to make edits to my site, will you provide me access?
If we know ahead of time that you'll need to make changes to your website, we'll make sure it's built to allow it.

Do you take credit cards for payment?
We accept credit cards and corporate checks for payment. Occasionally, we'll accept just enough cash to "make it rain".

I need help with Social Media, do you provide support?
We do, and are happy to walk you through the possibilities. Social media for B2B companies is a very different animal, one that must be fed lots of fresh, industry-relevant content to survive.

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