Prose-Icon-(Press-Release)It’s hard to believe it’s now October – where do the days go? Obviously, we can’t do anything about time flying with regard to our lives but that is not always true in choosing how we market our products and services.

As you know, the internet has brought new opportunities and capabilities for marketing and selling into a variety of markets, both domestic and international. But we should not forget about or discount a very reasonably priced marketing tool that may seem old, but is still effective in print and online for marketing old as well as new products – the PRESS RELEASE.

Press releases are still highly effective tools that can breath new life into older products as well as introduce new products to emerging or established markets. They are the ideal vehicle for getting information on your established products to prospects that are new to the market.

What you might not know is that if a product has not been the subject of a press release for a period of 6 months, most magazines consider it to be newsworthy and it qualifies to again be sent out as a New Product Release. That makes the release a low-cost tool to spotlight important, mature products that have the potential to be purchased on an ongoing basis. New people move into your markets all the time, and they need to be made aware of both NEW and OLDER established products that can significantly impact your bottom line.

What you also might not know is that once the release is picked up in print or, in the case of an online publication only, it remains in the publication’s online Products and Services area with a 4/C photo for up to a full year or longer at no additional cost to you – making the release work even harder for your initial outlay.

If you feel re-releasing older money making products is equally as important as to trying to find and establish markets for newly released products, please drop me a quick note and I will be in touch to discuss which products you would like me provide a copy draft for and we’ll get going!

– Rod Fisher

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