google-is-evilFor some time now, SMS reps have been reaching out to their clients in an attempt to motivate them to make their websites responsive, or coded to respond to any of the myriad devices that prospects and visitors use to access websites these days.

Fortunately, many are doing just that (Good show!), and we hope more follow suit soon because it will make a significant difference to how your company’s website is found – or if it’s found at all.

It seems that on April 21st the world’s most popular search engine will ostensibly “punish” all websites that don’t look good on a mobile device by introducing a search algorithm that favors responsive sites over those who prefer to live in the past.

Scary? Meh? Not sure what to think? A recent article on lets us know what other business owners are saying.

What business owners think about Google’s plan to punish sites that don’t look good on mobile phones

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