Scientific Marketing Services has recently gone live on a long anticipated project. Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and Its Tributaries, Inc. (CU Maurice River) now has a new and improved website that has been in the works for over a year. CU Maurice River’s mission is to protect the watershed of the Maurice River and the region for current and future generations to enjoy the environmental, recreational, and cultural resources of this global treasure for years to come. As a nonprofit organization, they are volunteer oriented and do a great job at empowering individuals, corporations, and neighboring communities to promote the well-being of the area and the wildlife within, so they needed a site to encourage excitement and support. Education, wildlife management and volunteerism are hallmarks of the organization.

While first assessing the old site and determining what the new site should focus on, a main component was realizing how interactive the site can be, and should be. With such a heavy reliance on technology and mobile devices, it was very important to ensure that the site was just as mobile friendly as it was desktop friendly. It needed to be interactive, while also being informative. CU Maurice River hosts a number of events which depend on volunteer and community members. The events needed to be displayed easily, so SMS created a real-time event calendar. Information concerning the event, contact details, as well as volunteer opportunities are included with the ability to sign up and pay for events in just one click.

The new site boasts colorful photos and easy navigation which encourages further exploration of its extensive content. The Maurice River and its tributaries are considered a national treasure. Portions of the Maurice, Menantico, Muskee Creek and Menantico Rivers are designated by the National Park Service as National Wild and Scenic Rivers. You can find detailed descriptions and pictures in the Flora and Fauna sections. Having difficulty identifying a Southern NJ plant? The local flora section will narrow your search more swiftly than larger guides to the Northeastern US or North America. Discover the great work that CU Maurice River does by visiting the Avian or Fieldwork sections. Or explore the rich culture resources of the Maurice River on an interactive map called, “River Recollections.”

With the site completed and live, it is not only CU Maurice River’s goal, but SMS’ as well, that people get involved. Perhaps you would like to become a member, make a donation or volunteer? The new site has something for everyone, so maybe it’s time to take a second look at

– Angela Nolfi

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