For those SMS clients that have been part of our family since 1981 (we’re proud to say there are still a few), you’ve likely identified the agency with the sharp and enthusiastic demeanor of our Cheryl. She’s been the “voice” of SMS production for over 37 years and has always kept in tireless contact with the many important accounts she services. Her consistency and reliability sets an SMS standard that we work hard to maintain to this day.

Now residing in Cape Coral, Florida with her husband Neil, Cheryl is closing her remote SMS office and focusing on living life to its fullest and while we will miss her terribly, we’re also happy for her. We wouldn’t be who we are without her, and she deserves our stiffest upper lips as we say goodbye.

Cheryl will still be monitoring her email so feel free to contact her if you like, as she promises to reply to each and every one. To the end and as expected, you can count on her to be there. Taking her example, SMS has you covered with the familiar voice of our Vice President of Operations, Anita Nicolo – another all-star that will keep the transition seamless.

Enjoy your new chapter, Cheryl. You may be leaving our team, but you will never leave our grateful hearts.

– S. Norton



  • Cheryl, you have always done right by me and by Drummond. Through the years you have always been a professional, as well as, a true friend. We in Broomall all wish you a joyous retirement in sunny Cape Coral. Enjoy life and I will miss you!!

    Best regards,
    ps. I will be joining you in retirement July 6, 2018!!!!

  • I guess I’ll have to mail tins of biscotti to you at Christmas time so you don’t forget me and our many, many holidays together. We’ve had such a history together through so many ups and downs, tears and laughs. Will you still be up at 6 am so we can talk???

  • Congratulations and best of luck in your retirement. You will love it. See you soon. Joey and Nancy guida

  • Congratulations Cheryl! It was a fantastic experience working with you. Although, it never really seemed like work to me at all. All the best as you move into your life of luxury and leisure. You deserve it!

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