Marshmallow_ChallengePutting stones in advertising and marketing marshmallows is what SMS has been doing for more than thirty-five years, and with communication advancements such as cloud technology coming to the fore, the Internet is actually beginning to resemble a big, interactive marshmallow with virtually everyone concentrating on Internet promotions. This means it’s time for SMS clients to add a few stones to their web initiatives to “fetch up” visitors and make their company and products more memorable.

We’ve come up with a couple of economical ideas that are working for some of our clients, and they can work for you as well. Call these the “stones”, if you will:

MiniMobileSites ™ – Low-cost mobile sites are essentially “mini” versions of a company’s existing site and are accessible by smart phones and tablets. They can feature advantages and benefits of products and product lines, display up-to-date supply inventory, and most importantly, keep your message in front of clients and prospects wherever they may be.

VidiShorts ™ – Low-cost video shorts can be easily incorporated into existing web sites to educate and bring a higher level of interest to your products. Also, a series of VidiShorts can be displayed in a loop at trade shows to attract attention and/or made available via QR codes in any area of your booth for later viewing.

We think these stones can get you and your products more attention and increase retention times in the minds of prospects. After all, that’s what good marketing is about.

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