Explaining Website Audits and Why You Need Them: Pt 3

September 13, 2017 No Comments

Previously, I’ve cited meta descriptions and website content as two examples of why companies need to audit their websites in order to keep in Google’s better graces. Again, Google isn’t necessarily just pushing websites around in order to feel powerful and coerce budgets into PPC bidding wars. Rather, it is attempting to provide the greatest … Read More

Explaining Website Audits and Why You Need Them: Pt 2

September 6, 2017 No Comments

In the previous post I discussed how website audits were becoming essential to SEO practices in order to prevent Google penalties and stay at the top of search rankings. I listed meta descriptions as important elements for driving traffic from SERPs as they were responsible for enticing users to visit a page on your company’s … Read More

Industrial Content Marketing Pt. 2: Landing Pages

August 1, 2017 No Comments

Last week I wrote about content marketing and its growing importance for industrial B-2-B marketers in terms of SEO and engaging visitors. Customers are using keywords to find your website and you want to show well on SERPs and keep them engaged straight through to the contact phase of the sales cycle. Good, fresh content … Read More

Let’s Talk About Industrial Content Marketing – Pt. 1

July 25, 2017 No Comments

First, let’s loosely define what “content marketing” is  before it’s confused with what it definitely is not: a sales pitch. Content shared on your website that engages a viewer by informing or educating them on subject matter pertinent to their industry is one way to define it. Talking shop. Shooting the…erm…breeze. Content marketing involves the … Read More

Keeping the Act Moving

March 4, 2015 No Comments

A recent article in the online Houston Business Journal cites statistics to prove something many marketers are learning every day: video content on your website increases sales. “Recent research has noted that adding videos to a website can increase visibility on Google, leading to higher page rankings and, subsequently, more visitors to a site.” Here … Read More

An Important Marketing Message for 2015

December 22, 2014 No Comments

Each year, many of us promise that this year will be different and that we have lots of things planned.  Hopefully, many of them will come to fruition and be as successful as hoped, but some will likely not see the light of day for a variety of reasons. But on one important thing all … Read More

It May Be Alive, but Is Your Website Responsive?

December 22, 2014 No Comments

January is the best time to get a sales year off to a good start, which means it may be time to examine your website to make sure it’s talking to all the prospects that want to talk to it. With more and more clients and prospects using mobile devices, it’s very important that your … Read More

Stones in the Internet Marshmallow

June 4, 2014 No Comments

Putting stones in advertising and marketing marshmallows is what SMS has been doing for more than thirty-five years, and with communication advancements such as cloud technology coming to the fore, the Internet is actually beginning to resemble a big, interactive marshmallow with virtually everyone concentrating on Internet promotions. This means it’s time for SMS clients … Read More